Perfume Wild Spirit For Unisex By Swiss Arabin


Wild Spirit is a sophisticated yet playful fruity floral fragrance with a warm woody finish. It opens with bright citrus notes to embody her zest for life. The uplifting notes soar before melding into a bewitching floral accord of heady tuberose and jasmine. The fruity notes show her playful side before vanilla and warm sandalwood enter like a warm flourish of golden silk. Wild Spirit is inspired by the feline beauty of a lioness. It is ideal for warmer days. This is Wild Spirit. Untamable. Untouchable. Unforgettable.She comes alive at night: feline and elegant. Her beauty glimmers in the moonlight. Her senses, awakened and alert, are softened by the flowers that follow her as she moves. She is a creature of instinct and only nature can rule her wild spirit. As she moves through the crowd, you cannot take your eyes off her. Her beauty dazzles. She has your heart forever.

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