It embodies masculinity, pride and stature. It makes a passionate stance for those who wear it. Shumoukh Al Ghutra opens with sharp, green galbanum. Teamed with crisp apple and delicate violet, the platform is ready for the main feature of the fragrance. The heart of this fragrance is the beating heart of leather, like the rhythm of a drum. Sharp cedar wood frames the earthy, rich undertones of the pelt. Delicious vanilla warms the edges, mingling gently alongside sensual musk. This is a fragrance that offers a glimpse of a memory of the saddle of a horse as you ride it across the endless desert sands. Shumoukh Al Ghutra is a fragrance for men and is ideal for warm days. Wear your distinction.

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Green Notes, Apple, Violet


Leather, Cedarwood


Vanilla, Musk


100 ml e


Eau De Parfum


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