Perfume Bling for Mens & Womens By Ajmal Perfumes


the Ajmal Bling woman radiates warmth and spreads happiness wherever she goes. Sounds too good to be true? But she is a stunning human. She is a silent achiever and is driven by the will of her heart. She knows how to chase her dreams with a plan and some passion. She is a mentor and a mentee, always ready to share knowledge and learn more. She is an avid traveller who supports global craftsmanship and local artisans with the same passion.?

Fragrance Notes -?ÿBling by Ajmal is a warm woody fragrance that opens up with hints of spices (Cardamom, anise, pepper) and a heart of the rose. Though the mighty prowess of rose leads, the sweet citrusy character of delicate Muguet eases out the sharpness of spicy and strength of woody ingredients. At the base of the fragrance is the heady concoction of patchouli, amber and cedar, reminiscent of a walk in the forest, barefoot on the soft grass under the shade of a cedarwood tree.

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