Attar JAMILA For Unisex By Swiss Arabian


When summer beckons, Jamila answers with a fragrance as lovely as the season itself. It is a fruity, floral, musky fragrance that speaks of the exquisite and the beautiful. Jamila opens with abundant fruits like a sylvan feast. Ripe tangerines, bursting with zest and freshness, combines with crisp apple and dark, sweet marmalade that melts away seamlessly to reveal a fresh uplifting bouquet. The heart notes are an extravagant display of all the best florals a warm day has to offer. White jasmine blurs softly around the edge into roses and soft vanilla orchid. Enthralled by blossoming florals, you are led into rich, dark woods that offer the cool shade of amber, musk and velvety sandalwood. Jamila is concentrated perfume oil for women from Swiss Arabian perfumes. Exquisite beauty.

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