Attar Element 6ml By orientica


Throw caution to the winds with the energy driven fragrance of Element. Invigorating lemon teams up with lavender and versatile fougere in the top notes to stir your adrenaline. The patchouli and pineapple in the middle notes add vigour to an already racy scent, until the classic aromas of vanilla, dry wood and amber turn up to catapult this mesmerizing fragrance, and with it you, to dizzying heights.

Fragrance Notes:
Top note: Fougere accord, Lavender, Lemon
Middle note: Fruity accord, Pineapple, Green, Patchouli
Base note: Vanilla, Dry Wood, Dry Amber

Ideal for fragrance on the go for when you need a scent boost, or as a memorable gift as a wedding favour, party favour or a unique addition to goody bags for your guests. Make your day that extra special with Orientica perfumes.


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